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I am so homesick now for someplace I will never be


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*changes pronouns when talking about my crush*

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my cousin and i are basically having a two person slumber party i am so happy right now

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my cousin is 27 and i look up to her a lot but im not allowed to come out to her

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Ben on Sherlock season 4 (July 24th, 2014). [x]

the amount of secondhand smoke ive gotten tonight is astounding

look how light it is like theres clouds but its so light

Anonymous wonders: are internet friends the same as real life friends?


i think internet friend are so important. like most of the time a real life friend is a person who a] youve known since childhood and so you know each other well and its easy and its comfortable and while, ive been blessed and most of my friends are still very close and we have enough interests in common that we never feel apart i have a lot of people who i used to be closer than any of the people i talk to now on the regular who have deleted me off facebook just because we dont talk anymore and its heartbreaking to think about really

or b] are just convenient, i had a lot of these the past year while living and working in my hometown after all of my good friends had found jobs in the city

an internet friend isnt like that at all. an internet friend has no reason to try to keep in contact with you besides actually being invested in you emotionally and caring about you as a person. its incredible how close ive gotten with people just through keyboards and computer screens. its an incredible, intimate relationship and sometimes it hurts even more when they fall apart


post haircut selfie

when is haters day i want to participate

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