awsh00t: If we were dating I'd buy you dumb little trinkets and I'd come over whenever and just lay around with you and I'd sit through the romcoms youd make me watch but probably end up not even pay attention because id be too busy playing with your hair and marveling at your cuteness

lets go to dinner ❤️

myreichenbach: !!! if i were dating u we would totally talk about hot ppl (such as kaz obvs) but of course we are the hottest ppl and then we can cuddle and play with each other's hair and watch dumb tv shows and laugh until we can't breathe and then we would fall asleep on the couch like the extreme cuties we are and everything would be soft and warm and sappy and it would be super great

!!!!!!!! yes

seriouslyshezzatho: If I were dating you we'd probably jam out to steal my girl all the time and talk about johnlock all the time and go for walks and take pictures of the sky and sunsets and just have lots of fun together uwu

omg please


im lefit thinking of writing an opinion for journalism about romcoms tbh

"chick flicks arent just for chicks anymore: is your masculinity really that fragile please love romcoms and move on with ur life"

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hotmanzuko: if i were dating you we'd cuddle and talk about how karen gillan is the most beautiful and then we'd take over the world with our fabulous enby awesomeness uwu

d ate me omg

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